Condition Service

Condition Based Servicing

Newer BMW models feature a technology at the forefront of service innovation called Condition Based Servicing, which ensures your BMW only receives attention when it needs it, saving time and money. CBS sensors monitor the condition of parts such as spark plugs, filters, and brake pads as well as all operating fluids. A microchip in your remote control key stores the data, which our BMW Approved Technicians download via a KeyReader. We use Genuine BMW Parts to restore your BMW to optimum condition.

Standard scope
  • Your name
  • Carried out at every visit including diagnostic interrogation, check indicator and warning lights on instrument cluster and reset CBS display
  • Check and verify any control messages
  • Complete and stamp service book
Vehicle check
    Check condition of vehicle systems including:
  • Exterior panelling and underbody for corrosion and damage
  • Tyres, steering and shock absorbers
  • Electrical systems including battery, headlights and indication field lighting
  • Safety including brakes and seat belts
  • Coolant and fluid levels
Engine oil
  • Engine oil and oil filter changed
  • Check handbrake
  • Every third oil change: replace air filter and fuel filter (if diesel)
  • An oil change can increase the longevity of the engine parts. Replacement of filters can reduce fuel consumption
Micro filters
  • Replace micro filter/pollen filter in heating or air conditioning system to prevent pollen or dust entering through the vents
  • Micro filters trap 80% of pollen and traffic fumes maintaining a pleasant passenger environment. They also ensure fast demisting in winter
Brake fluid
  • Replace brake fluid every two years: brake fluid is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture) and so its performance deteriorates over time
  • Replacement brake fluid reduces corrosion of ABS components and steel pistons as well as maintaining braking performance
Diesel filter
  • Replace diesel fuel filter ensuring particle-free fuel providing optimum fuel flow and performance
  • Replacement diesel filter important in engine efficiency
Front brakes
  • Change brake pads
  • Clean caliper cavities
  • Replace discs if worn to minimum levels
  • Brakes are maintained to ensure high performance and constant safety
Rear brakes
  • Change brake pads
  • Clean caliper cavities
  • Check condition, brake lining thickness and function of handbrake
  • Replace components if necessary
  • Brakes are maintained to ensure high performance and constant safety
Spark plugs
  • Replace worn or defective spark plugs to ensure optimum performance, fuel economy and low emissions
  • Replacement spark plugs will improve engine performance and avoid any chance of engine misfire
  • Statutory inspection for vehicles after four years and every 2 after that.
  • Items checked include headlights, steering, brakes, suspension, instrument cluster, seats/seatbelts, windscreen/wipers, VIN, doors and wheels/tyres